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Education Classes

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You must complete a total of 14 hrs for the renewal process. Please select quantity 2 if you need all 14 hrs.


Broker Education Requirements

To become a broker in Pennsylvania applicants must earn 16 credits which are equal to 240 hours of pre-broker instruction.
One credit will be granted for a 15-hour Pre-Broker course. Two credits will be granted for a 30-hour Pre-Broker course.
Applicants may take live classroom or online courses.

​If you hold a four-year college real estate degree, real estate masters, real estate doctorate or a Juris Doctor Degree you may qualify for an education exemption. See state form 56-SPOA 2103 to see if you qualify. 

Renew Your License

The Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission e-mails renewal notices two to three months before the license expiration date.

*Expiration date May 31, 2024


Is Your License in Escrow

Your license may be “in escrow,” or temporarily inactive, if you decided against renewing it or missed the renewal deadline. You can’t legally work in real estate sales unless your license is active.


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